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sometimes i like to translate and they're on my gifs i don't do videos i mean i can't even edit my theme
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  • bangtan-love:

    2013 - 2014 

    1. No More Dream

    2.  진격의 방탄 ( Rise of Bangtan )

    3. 등골브레이커 ( Spine breaker )

    4. War of Hormone

    Céci x BTS Special Limited Package <BOY, TURN UP THE MUSIC>
    #43888e #7dc4ca #faeec8 #fac8be #fa9eaa

    # ot7

    cr. | cr.

    Yoongi in the latest Bangtan Bombs (・∀・ )


    the thing hoseok does when he’s half rapping half singing and it gets everyone hot and bothered

    1. Born Singer

    2. I Like It

    3. Coffee

    4. Path

    5. Rain

    6. So 4 More


    사랑을 주러 갔는데 반대로 저희가 사랑을 듬뿍 받고 왔네요:) 얘들아 꼭 다시 놀러 갈게!!!

    We went to give them love but we came and received love generously instead:) Kids we must play again!!!


    suga trying to break jimin’s record (x)

    taehyung’s aegyo

    # v

    What’s up man ! i’m Jin .. YEAH I’M THE BEST EVER

    namjoon’s done with hoseok’s shit